Who are we?
Hartmut Doering EOOD is a medium-size company with German roots, for business and project consulting. Our areas of expertise are business development, renewable energy and business management.

How we do it?
Combining traditional business practices with modern thinking and the ability to adopt innovative business concepts with the potential for further growth. 
Professional passion and dedication that enable us to repudiate any compromises on the quality of our work. 
A large network of partners within the whole of Europe, including companies from a large range of industries.

Our mission is to provide our customers and partners with value.   We are not aiming at increasing your current bank account but providing you with financial stability and business prosperity. Building long-term relationships, based on trust, loyalty, and propriety. This is the value that matters. 

Corporate culture 
We build our corporate culture based on our team of people, on the core of the importance of each and every one of them. They all bring and provoke their professional experience and potential, their optimism and devotion to work, their responsibility and respect to our corporate values.

Corporate social responsibilities
Our work and the orientation of the projects that we work on are based entirely on the program for Sustainable Development! Our main priorities: Environment Protection, education and economic growth.

Hartmut Doering EOOD is a member of the German-Bulgarian Industry and Commerce Chamber.